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[GAME][FREE] Shooting Hoops basketball game

Postby BeshevGames » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:23 am

Shooting Hoops basketball game

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Shooting Hoops, a basketball exercise simulation game is set in a virtual basketball court in a city. The player tries to achieve the highest score that he can while playing a single player virtual game of basketball. The goal is to get the maximum, consecutive shots in the basket of the backboard without missing it.

How many consecutive shots can you score in a row? How many points did your friends score? You can see this in the leaderboards section. Throw the ball hard enough it will go over the backboard and out of the bounds of the field, throw it light and you'll miss the ring.

Choose from two different weather settings - you can shoot hoops during a sunny day, or play basketball in the rain.

How to play the game: Swipe your finger across the screen(you don't need to touch the basketball). The longer the swipe the more powerful the ball will be shot. The wider the angle between the touch and release, the higher the rotation of the ball. Current points are recorded on the display below the basket, while your high score is next to the backboard, near the hoop.

Once the player reaches a current score of 10 points the ball will change its place, thus the game becomes even more challenging and fun.

You can now post your high score and compare it to that of other players around the world to become the best basketball mobile player out there.

New mode: Arcade. In Arcade mode the player has exactly one minute to get as higher score as possible by throwing five basketballs into the hoop. Get the best possible result and compare it with your friends.

-Great 3D graphics
-Easy to play
-Quality settings for different devices

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