Truth or Dare

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Truth or Dare

Postby StipeMiocic » Sat Jul 30, 2022 5:25 pm

Truth or Dare is a game for adults where you will find all the questions for truth or dare. Can be used as a game for two or as a party game. Best games 18+

Truth or Dare | ToD - a game for couples, gossip!

Incredible reimagining of the game familiar to everyone! Just sit back and relax!

Our packs are perfect for each and everyone.
What you choose?
There are 3 playable packs (modes / storylines) with each pack containing 3 different difficulty levels.


Pack "For couples" offers three intimacy levels.

Level 1, called "Kiss on the forehead", will create an intimate setting for conversations and kisses on the first date.

Level 2, called "Kiss on the lips", will be good for you and your partner at the beginning of your relationship. Let your dreams and desires come true.

Level 3 (18+), called "Time for action", will help you learn each other's darkest secrets and stories. As well as help you through the most difficult time of your sex life. No restrictions.
Get closer to each other. Erotic questions and something more…


Pack "Party" will officially light it up.
Level 1, called "Gatherings", offers a unique opportunity to spend time with friends and acquaintances by pepping up communication over a cup of tea.

Level 2, called "Party", will take spending time with your friends in a large company to a new level.

Level 3, called "Mess", will get you to answer the most awkward questions and perform the naughtiest, hottest, most entertaining tasks.
Let's party. It'll be cool.


Pack "Hen-party" will set the mood for a little gossip session.
Level 1, called "Best friend", will help you and your friend get comfy for a lovely evening.

Level 2, called "Pajama party", will help you open up at a sleepover and make responding to awkward questions fun.

Level 3, called "My ex...", is for those not getting enough attention from their boyfriend, and the only thing left to do is gather with the girls and discuss each other's dirty secrets.

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