Finally, a 'developer-friendly' Mobile Revenue Maximization Solution

App revenue using advertising networks (such as AdMob and others)
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Finally, a 'developer-friendly' Mobile Revenue Maximization Solution

Postby velocity.consultancy » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:58 am

Alphagravel is an intelligent mobile mediation and revenue maximization platform. Developers can get a stable income with a guaranteed minimum ECPM, regular payments, and automated access to vast media sources via a simple SDK.

The Alphagravel platform is engineered to leverage real-time big data predictive analytics and Machine Learning algorithms to learn the true price of your mobile inventory, routing the highest paying advertising content to your mobile app and offering you a guaranteed minimum ECPM in the process.

With one SDK, every developer on the alphagravel platform gets intelligent automated mediation, price transparency, algorithmic smart routing, dynamic waterfalling, conversion optimization, automated fraud detection, and a consolidated view of mobile advertising spend across 195 countries in every second of the day.

Our Alpha-copTM algorithm ensures that non-performing networks are black-listed and removed in real-time.

The alphagravel SDK serves as a gateway to multiple advertising networks, ad exchanges and ever growing new media sources. Integrate the alphagravel SDK once, set your guaranteed minimum expected ECPM and forget about releasing new code into production just to add new ad networks.

Want to give it a try ? Integrate the Alphagravel SDK here.


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