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[APP] [FREE] MagnifyIT - magnifying glass

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:02 pm
by BeshevGames
MagnifyIT - magnifying glass

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A simple magnifying glass app for your Android powered device with a built-in flashlight.

If you want to zoom to an object, like a text in a book, you just start the app and it will automatically load the camera inside it. You will then be able to magnify up to four times.

The button at the top will indicate the zoom level of the magnification - X1, for a standard view, X2 and X3 for two times and three times the magnification, respectively and X4 - for the full zoom that your hardware camera supports.

There is also a flashlight available, if your device has a LED light - it will help you see the small object better, if you are in a dark place.

You can now take pictures. To take a picture of the magnified image just click on the camera button at the top left corner of the app. A preview of the zoomed image will show on the screen and after 5 seconds you will again be able to take another picture.

Pictures are stored in the "Pictures" directory of your device, in a folder called "MagnifyIT".

The magnifier also uses the autofocus on your device, so that, when you zoom in or out, you will always have the clearest image that your camera supports.