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[GAME][FREE]R Mahjong - riichi mahjong

Postby RiMaDesu » Thu Nov 16, 2023 1:42 pm

R Mahjong is a riichi mahjong app with strong artificial intelligence.
The main differences between R Mahjong and similar apps are:

1. Strong mahjong AI, based on neural networks.
2. Unparalleled system of collecting and analyzing game statistics.
3. Local network play against other players and AI bots in any combination.


Everything in R Mahjong is subordinated to the goal of helping the player to improve his game and get more and more pleasure from playing mahjong.

The strong mahjong AI in R Mahjong is stronger than 99.7% of tenhou players. Playing against such strong opponents cannot be compared to playing against weak opponents.
Such a game is both much more interesting and much more useful (in terms of improving your gaming skills).
Built-in training mode in R Mahjong allows the player to see the opponent's tiles and hints from the AI.
The training mode provides the player with plenty of food for thought regarding the game.
In training mode, the player can quickly (right during the game) switch between displaying and hiding hints and opponents' tiles.
This allows the player to mimic the AI's game play.


In addition to the strong AI, R Mahjong is equipped with an advanced system for collecting and displaying statistics.
This system allows the player to study the statistics of not only their own games, but also the games of their opponents,
including AI.
This study can help the player to identify and correct systematic biases in his game.


When playing in a local network against other players, the player is not limited to choosing only a strong mahjong AI (also available weak mahjong AI).
This solves the problem of lack of players - missing players will be replaced by AI bots.


Check it out on the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... h.rmahjong
Support site: http://riichimahjong.net/
R Mahjong wiki: https://w.atwiki.jp/rmahjong/

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