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[GAME] [FREE] Tilt Maze: Ball Labyrinth game

Postby BeshevGames » Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:50 am

Tilt Maze: Ball Labyrinth game
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In this wooden 3D labyrinth style game the players have to navigate a steel marble ball trough a maze by tilting their device, just like the old real-life game where you had to tilt the playfield to guide the marble to the end of the maze. The goal is to reach the finish hole, a blue whirl vortex, avoiding all obstacles.

This game will test your physical skills. Try to be relaxed and calm as much as possible while navigating trough the maze. Balance the marble ball so that it doesn't fall into the black vortex holes, thus resulting in a failure of the level.

Each level is different from the other, with different obstacles, like fans and rotating walls, making gameplay harder and more challenging, as the player progresses trough the levels, to get to the finish hole.


- Great 3D graphics with great animations
- Quality options, making gameplay smoother for low-end devices
- Real-life marble physics, making the game more realistic and fun.
- Sensitivity settings
- Different cameras with different viewing angles, depending on the player's preferences.
- Many levels to come


The game uses the accelerometer on your device. Because on each device sensitivity of the hardware is different there is an option to adjust it.

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