[FREE] [APP] Hearing Aid Ear Booster: Microphone Amplifier

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[FREE] [APP] Hearing Aid Ear Booster: Microphone Amplifier

Postby BeshevGames » Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:01 am

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Image Image Image Image A hearing aid Android app which acts as a microphone amplifier. It boosts the sound that your device's mic picks up and amplifies the noise or speech to help people who have trouble hearing what others are saying in a conversation.

This app will help you enhance your hearing and understand conversations better. It works like a hearing aid for everyone.

*NOTE - this app requires headphones. The sound, which the microphone picks up is amplified trough the headphones. If no headphones are present the app will play the voices or other sounds via the device's ear speaker.


- Volume control - it controls the volume within the app.
- Equalizer(EQ) - it helps the user filter out unwanted noises.
- Settings - settings menu.
- Waveform sound visualizer.

- Keep screen on - keeps the screen on while the app is running.
- Run in the background - the app continues to work even if minimized. If it is closed it will stop.
- Theme - choose a different theme, depending on your preferences.

How to use the hearing app:

1. Plug your earphones to your device and put them in your ears.
2. Start the hearing aid app.
3. Click the icon in the center. The sound waves will visualize via the waveform visualizer.
4. Adjust the equalizer so that you filter out unwanted sounds.

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